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2nd Hand Sam Coupé Hardware

(Last Updated: December 2006)

An up to date list of what classic Sam Coupe hardware I have in 2nd hand stock. All are original, reconditioned and tested. Please note that I may only have 1 or 2 of each piece of hardware available, so be quick! For ordering information, please click the 'Placing An Order' link on the left Navigation bar.

Prices include UK delivery. Europe / Overseas postage at cost - please ask.

£24.00 Sam Communications Interface (Parallel + RS232)

£22.00 Sam Parallel + Ext. Floppy Disk I/face (Parallel + Floppy disk port for using an external drive instead of internal)

£35.00 1 Megabyte Memory Expansion I/face (External 1 Megabyte memory pack)