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Serial Mouse Interface...

The mouse interface and serial mouse. (Please note a mouse is not supplied with the interface.)

The Serial Mouse Interface is the first piece of new hardware designed and released by Quazar in 2002. This allows you to use a PC Serial Mouse (or PS/2 Combi mouse with a PS/2 to Serial adaptor) with the Sam! (The original SamCo mouse interface used Atari mice which are now just about unobtainable).

The interface plugs into the mouse port on the back of the Sam, and has a 9 way D connector into which you connect the PC mouse.

The Mouse Interface is FULLY COMPATIBLE with all existing Sam software, as it behaves identically to the original SamCo mouse. No changes whatsoever have to be made to any software at all.

The Mouse Interface is available now, priced 59.99

The interface oozes style, it's housed in a transparent blue enclosure with a nice metallic label!

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is this mouse interface fully compatible with existing Sam Software?


This interface communicates with the Sam Coupe in exactly the same way as the old SamCo mouse interface so it is fully compatible with all existing Sam software.

What type of mice can I connect to this interface?

The mouse interface requires a standard PC serial mouse (RS232) or you can use any PC PS/2 mouse that come with a PS/2 to Serial adaptor such as many of the Microsoft range of intellimouse etc. (Often these PS/2 mice that can work via serial are known as Combi mice)

For testing purposes, I have used several standard OEM serial mice, Genius serial mouse, Microsoft Intellimouse (with PS/2 to Serial adaptor) and a Logitech PS/2 combi mouse (with PS/2 to Serial adaptor)

The interface only supports the left and right mouse on the serial mouse for simplicity due to there being several different data formats for the middle button support on PC serial mice. This won't be a problem as no Sam software I've seen or written requires a third button.

As I have supported the normal serial mouse protocols for 2 button devices, most PC serial devices should work with this interface - I've also used a serial touchpad with the interface.